Mexico Afternoon Trip

Well, we are so close to the border here in Yuma it made sense one day to take a trip across.  If anything we got to see and say we were there.  First Impression, you are bombarded by dental and 

vision sales!  At least 5 different ones in my first 100 feet inside Mexico.  They are very good though, 

once you say no thanks you are actually left alone!

The atmosphere was great, almost like the many trips we have taken into Cuba.  There are outdoor venues everywhere with so much to look at.  We found a nice little outdoor pub where we had some drinks and Salsa & Chips with guacamole and shredded parm. So here we go folks, I have avoided guacamole my whole life so far but I tried and actually liked it.  Kinda taste like cold mushy peas!  I ate it, loved it and had a couple of $2 Corona’s to go with it.  Nice.

After that we shopped a bit more, went back for more salsa then we joined the line to walk back over to the US.  I should have mentioned that we parked in the US and walked over.  This was by far the best way to visit.  Funny though, as we walked from the US into Mexico we saw no one.  No border guards, no officials, nothing but an open 

walkway from the US to Mexico.  Not the same coming back!  We joined a line of people and 45 minutes later were finally back in the US after going through security etc.

In all, this was a very fun day with good company, great 80+ degree weather and sunshine.  So there, I have now been to Mexico!  ...KEVIN



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