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The terrible thoughts of leaving the warmth and awesome new friends are upon us. Beginning of February now and we will be leaving Southern Mesa RV Park in Yuma, Arizona at the end of February. We will allow the month of March to start our journey back to Canada. I want to wake up to water views and Kevin can spend some more time fishing before we enter Canada.
Still don’t know the path we will take just a little worried about all the snow BC has and going through the mountains. I know Kevin isn’t as worried as I am because he is a professional truck driver with many years experience. I really don’t want to see snow in our travels – that is why we left!!!
I have loved this brand new adventure. More good times than bad times for sure. We have visited some very awesome places and seen some pretty amazing things.
I truly feel blessed.
We will need to start jobs to earn money to do this again next winter. Who knows where we will be next winter! Sure hope to see some of our new friends again next year in our travels. I like Yuma, Arizona.
We have new adventures to look forward to in Canada and people to give lots of hugs to again. I really miss family that is far away from us in various places of the world!
We will continue our journey and share along the way.
Feeling very blessed….. Colleen

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