Roswell, New Mexico…Here At Last !

We arrived here on Thursday the 9th as planned.

A few bumps along the way though!!  The I 20 going through Shreveport Louisiana was an insanely rough road and caused the welds on my bumper to break off.  We had our generator and two bikes on it.  By the time we stopped to check the bumper was dragging.  Luckily the only damage was to the bumper.  Our host in Texas at the Laguna Vista RV park, where we stopped for a night, brought over his front end loader and helped me push the bumper back where it rests when not extended.  We had to find a new spot for the generator and the bikes but all is good now.  When we hit Ontario next year I will have it repaired properly.





We stopped at 4 different RV parks on the way from Maryland to New Mexico.  Bass Lake RV Campground in South Carolina, Sunset RV Park in Alabama, Laguna Vista in East Texas and  Tye RV Park in West Texas.  You can read the reviews I gave them on our site, 3Brew.Com

We are now in Roswell, New Mexico for the month of November and looking for things to do.  There is in fact much to do here.  The history here is quite rich and diverse.  From the famous UFO crash of 47 to the stories of Billy the Kid to the history of Nuclear Weapons and there disbursement from New Mexico.  As we go to the key sites Colleen and I will both review them all for your reading pleasure.

Stay tuned as we begin our tour of this area.

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