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Starting my new blog now.  My wife and I are in the midst of getting ready to sell our home, upgrade our RV and head out on the road full time.  We intend to get out on the road by 2020 and see the country, the whole of North America!  We are not alone, thousands of people now full time RV and we intend to be one of them.  We have started by the beginning of down-sizing, getting rid of a lot of stuff we will likely never need.

Our First RV
Our First RV
Why are we doing this?  We have realized that we have worked hard our whole lives with nothing to show but bills and a mortgage.  We want to get away and see and do things.
How will we live?  Another good question.  With no bills or mortgage to speak of we will be pulling our home wherever we go.  We will find workamping jobs throughout Canada during the good weather months with the hopes that we can earn enough to find a suitable location somewhere in the southern US for the winter months.  We will actually be working for Us!! for a change.  We wont need much, just enough for gas, food, insurance and such.
Some may say we are crazy but most say ‘wow, wish we had the guts for a big move’.  We will both be blogging our way through our future adventures.  If you would like to follow our journey you can see our website that I have created for this journey at OUR MAIN SITE
We will be creating a video every month called ‘Taking Chances, An RV Revolution’ which you can subscribe to on You Tube.  You will be able to find all our activities, reviews, maps and so much more through our website so please check it out.
Till next post,   Kevin
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