First Project : Solar !!

The disorganized mess of moving into the trailer is almost done and we can almost find everything we need.  We have been in the trailer now (sorry, new home) for two weeks and it is looking really good.  Only 2 1/2 weeks left until we actually hit the road on our six month journey across the States and Canada so I had better begin the upgrades.

1st project, add solar to the trailer.  We purchased 4 panels at 100 watts each and will add two more batteries.  This will now always give us power to the lights, hot water tank, furnace and the kitchen.  We are going to run a 1000W inverter as well and add two new ac plugs in the living room and kitchen which will give us the power to run small appliances and the tv when we are not plugged in anywhere. (dry camping is something we want to do now that we are capable).

As you can see by the pics we are over half way there now.  The roof panels are now installed, wiring in and roof sealed.  In the electrical room in the basement we have set up the inverter, two charge controllers and extra fuses for safety.  Today I will get and instal the batteries and the rest of the wiring can be finished.


Huge thanks goes out to my brother in law Dave who had just finished the same install on his trailer and guided me through it on ours.  This is going to be so much fun!!!

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Author: Kevin

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