Day Trip … San Diego, California!!


Actually we made it a two day trip because there was so much to do there. Here’s how it went. it took only 2 1/2 hrs from our trailer in Yuma to get to San Diego. We drove straight downtown and stopped in front of the USS Midway right on the bay. From there we looked at what hotels are around, answer…tons!! We saw a nice ritzy looking one called the Windham and looked on line at it. Whew, $200 a night! Next step, go on hotwire and find a deal. Voila! found a deal on the Windham for 100, made the purchase and walked in. I showed our confirmation and everything but it hadn’t gone from Hotwire to them so we had to wait. It took an hour and a half to go through, the hotel was so sorry for our wait they upgraded us to a high bay view room for free!!

We also scored the second night FREE for listening to their pitch on time shares! (No, we did not buy) By this time our first day had been pretty much used up so we found a place to eat then back to the room to sit on our high rise balcony and watch all the fun. There was so much going on out our

window. The airport was to our right and Colleen could smell the jet fumes and smile! Straight out front was the docks for two Cruise ships and they were just getting

ready to leave the port. To our left was the USS Midway, a world war two air craft carrier turned into a floating museum. (THAT WILL BE A BLOG POST ON IT’S OWN SO LOOK FOR IT) So, most of our second day was on the Midway because there was so much to see on it. After we disembarked the ship we walked the boardwalk to view the giant statue on the waters edge called “Embracing Peace”, a sculpture that depicts a famous image in the New York papers when word came out that World War Two had ended.
From there of course Colleen said she was hungry and tired after doing over 1600 steps according to her fit bit! Low and behold I spied a Cheesecake Factory across the road so away we went. ( I couldn’t find Penny and I was looking…) 

Meal was good, a little pricey but for San Diego it was right on track. From there we made the walk back to the hotel, opened some cold beers and sat on the balcony again.

Oh, did I mention that across the bay in full view of us was a US Naval base and the Nuclear Air Craft Carrier USS Carl Vinson had just docked there after a stint near North Korea!!!

We should have made it an easy four or five night stopover because of the amount of things to do there. The San Diego Zoo, Sea World had to be missed because of time. But hey, it’s only 2.5 hrs away and nothing says we can’t go back. My opinion of this city, GREAT and would go back.
Thanks for reading, stay tuned for a post on the USS Midway… Kevin


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