So here we are, on the cusp of entering Canada again for the summer.  We are at a trailer park in Shelby Montana and it’s cold.  Water froze last night (back working again now).  Temps here are below freezing and stupid windy!!

After checking weather and calling trailer parks in Calgary we are SOL (You know what that means!)  One park open but no water till the 10th of April and no dump.  Plus……, plus that campground wants 550 for the two weeks we will be there.  Now comes the decision, do it and suffer a bit or winterize the trailer and find a hotel.

As you all know I am fair skinned and a bit of a princess and not having water to flush a turd is out of the question.  So we just booked a hotel for the two weeks, includes breakfast every morning, a hot shower every day, water to flush the turds and a warm bed to sleep in…all for a few bucks more than the trailer park.

A no brainer I guess!  So now I must go outside and winterize my home for two to three weeks until the dam weather turns around.  Next year we are definitely heading south just a wee bit later so our entry back will be nicer.

That’s my rant for now, gotta put on two spring jackets and go outside (who would have thought we would need winter clothing!!!)  BRRRRRR…..  Have fun;


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Author: Kevin

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  1. Kevin & Colleen, I must admit it would tic me off being in that situation, you will have to make the best of it. Right now it’s just after 6 pm and the sun is shining, blue sky but cold, hardly any SNOW, SO HELLO SPRING.

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