Back Under Way

An unexpected trip back to Ontario stalled the progress of the trip but today we are back under way.  We had to go backto Ontario for Colleen as her dad went into hospital and looked like he may pass away.  On the third day back in Ontario her father began better progress and looks like he would be ok.  On that same third day I got a rather upsetting call while in Ajax from my sister.  My dad was in distress and things did not looked good. (He had been diagnosed with COPD and was on oxygen full time.)  Colleen and I packed up and raced for Peterborough, about an hour away however we did not make it in time.  My father had passed away.  The rest of the next week was a bit of a blur for me but we got through it.  We both have had enough by this time.  Colleen’s father looks like he will be ok, mine is gone and my brain is in zombie mode.  We headed back to Maryland on the following Wednesday.  We got back to our home on the Thursday, cleaned up and got ready for the next part of the journey.  We were booked into Roswell, New Mexico for the 9th, so we reluctantly left our wonderful 2nd home at Point Lookout (with the promise that we will return next year), and are now on the road to New Mexico.  Tonight we have stopped in Dillon, South Carolina for a rest and re-boot and will be back at it tomorrow.  I am from this moment on dedicating this world wind trip to my Father, David Norris, who would have loved to see the sites we are seeing.  He was a great man and a an awesome, fair and loving father, I will miss him terribly and will think of him all the time.  On to new adventures for us both, Love you Dad.

I will begin returning to normal (such as it is) and will post a review of the places we stay at on the way to New Mexico.


Thanks all for being patient and here is wishing everyone happy travels.


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  1. Beautifully said….Dad would definitely have wanted to see the sites and am confident in saying he would be glad you are back at it. Looking forward to lots of travels. Love you both.

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