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Our winter journey is coming to a close now, in fact we should already be back in Peterborough but mother nature is throwing us one more F U (You know what I said, trying not to swear).  We are stuck in Sault St Marie for what looks like a couple of days waiting out the massive ice and snow storm.  

We left in September and drove thousands of miles.  We visited Maryland, Texas, New Mexico on our way to Yuma, Arizona.  From there we explored Nevada, Las Vegas.  California, San Diego and Los Angeles, and had a remarkable time.  Definitely one for the memory banks.

We left Arizona towards the end of March straight up through Idaho and Montana into Alberta to spend a couple of weeks in Calgary with our daughter and her family.  Though since leaving Montana we had to winterize our home due to this crazy winter that just won’t let go.


After Calgary we started out on the trans Canada highway through Saskatchewan and Manitoba into Ontario where

 one of the worst winter storms has us hunkered down waiting to finish the trip.  One thing for sure, I am done with the Canadian winter and the sooner we get back into Peterborough the sooner we can get jobs to earn our stay back in Arizona.  Lets face it, standing in the desert facing blowing sand is much more preferable to standing in two feet of snow freezing our butts off.



We have learned a lot since we hit the road and we have experienced a few issues as well but most of all we have learned that we can do this every year.  We have met so many good people on our travels, people we can say that are now friends and are waiting to meet up with again.  Can’t wait to see Dougie and Bently again, some of our favorite doggies we have met.

To those that have been following, keep it up.  We will have some great reviews of the places we have seen, done and stayed at.  I will also put out an e book of these places and along with my guide to full timing during the first year.





Thanks a bunch everyone,  talk again soon.   Kevin




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