A Time Of Change.

It has been quite a day. I have made more than half a dozen trips in my truck to various places…loads to the trailer, loads to the dump, loads to our storage area and even loads to the local charity.
That’s right, it is transition day. I go from home owner to full time rv’er!! It is a weird time, I sit here in my new home (a cougar 327res 5th wheel trailer) writing this knowing I will not roam the halls of the building I have called home for more than fourteen years.
There is a definite sadness there yet I also pause and look ahead to what awaits and I smile. Have I done the right thing? I think yes but time will tell and eventually justify this whole change. Does anyone think I’m nuts, probably but I don’t care. It’s what we have been wanting for a long time.
I finally get the chance to see parts of the country that we have long dreamed of seeing. For Colleen and I the adventure is just beginning, as with our title we are taking chances.
We have crossed the threshold now and no turning back (with no will to do so). So here’s to the journey ahead and the hopes that you will all joins us.


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Author: Kevin

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