The Great Meteor Crater

So our journey southward has begun again this year.  We left Canada on the fourth of November and began the trek.  Our first major stop was Memphis and Graceland which was amazing. (Post on Graceland will be shortly).  

From there we jumped on the I40 which we will be on until Flagstaff Arizona.  Just five miles south of the 40 is the meteor crater.  The best preserved and first proven meteor impact crater on earth.  Seen in many Hollywood films such as Starman, this crater is enormous and very famous.  The original meteor that hit here was only 150 feet wide but that’s more than enough to simulate over a twenty ton nuclear bomb!!!

The crater hit here about 50,000 years ago and came in at 26,000 mph, wow!  From what they tell us that’s like flying from LA to New York in only 5 minutes.

Folks, if you are ever near this area I highly recommend you stop in here and view this awesome site, it really is incredible.

That’s it for now, we will be heading out tomorrow morning and will be looking for a longer stay somewhere else where I can bring all up to date.  Colleen is happy, I am happy, long live the travel…


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Author: Kevin

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