New Mexico Attraction : Bitter Lake National Wildlife Refuge

The water for Bitter Lake was formed by artesian springs that feed the lower land marshes of this area.


Located 9 miles north east of Roswell, New Mexico Bitter Lake National Wildlife Refuge sits where the Chihuahuan Desert and the Southern Plains meet.  Because of the odd sinkholes, playa lakes, seeps and gypsum springs that are fed by underground rivers, this area is the home for cohabiting wildlife that exist nowhere else.


Some of the wildlife here include Sandhill Cranes, Ross’s Geese, Bobcat,fish, and so much more including one of the largest populations of Butterflies and Dragonflies! The wildlife service says that they have recorded – more than 360 species of birds, 55 species of mammals, 50 species of reptiles and amphibians and 28 species of fish.  Crazy numbers!

As an attraction this place is awesome.  You can stay in your car and take a self guided auto tour around the park (which we did as we were told that the area is home to a huge population of rattle snakes and we all know Colleen is spooked by that!) or you can take one of many walking trails around the park.  Our ride through took over an hour and 7 miles of driving, mainly because I kept stopping to snap some pictures.

In all, a great stop which I would recommend to anyone and we learned some stuff at the same time…. Kevin


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Author: Kevin

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