Montezuma Castle


What a fantastic look into the past!  Sinagua farmers as early as 1100 ad built this five story, 20 room dwelling on the cliffs.  Going higher than 100 feet off the valley below early American settlers were wowed at the site and assumed that this was Aztec in origin.  The occupants lived and farmed within the rich ground of central Arizona.

Some believe that the area was abandoned in the late 1300’s as the farming became thin and so did the waters.  They would have moved on to better ground.  There are other cliff settlements further north from this location such as the Tuzigoot settlement.  

There is a lot of history in this area and it is well worth you stopping by.  The Montezuma Castle is a national monument and is preserved as best as they can thanks to the US National Park service, the US department of the interior and the National Monuments Arizona.  What a site to behold.  Located just off the 17 south of Flagstaff Arizona.

More info on this site – National Park Service

This was a great afternoon that I recommend to all, Kev.



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