ROAD TRIP : Los Angeles

Los Angeles, the city of stars…And really screwed up drivers.  OMG, the freeways were insane.  Foe the first time ever driving I got disoriented on direction (north,south etc)  We took 4 hours to drive to LA from Yuma and another 3 hrs navigating the crazy roads to find a suitable place to stay. (And cheap)  If you want to stay next to the ocean it actually costs you 800 bucks a night min.  Sheesh!


So we find a place, turns out to be near the airport (Same one Kim stayed at once)  and they had some nice tours from there.  We booked a 5 hr drive tour for the next day then went to Denny’s for supper.  For me, being in Tinseltown was a thrill.  Everyone knows how much I love Hollywood and entertainment.  Well, I achieved a milestone, I walked on the stars walk of fame and I saw the Hollywood sign.  I was in heaven.

We were then taken to the famous Farmers Market.  A huge 


outdoor/indoor market place that was started in 1939 and is a huge hub of activity.  Turns out it is right across the road from CBS Television city where the price is right is filmed and the big bang theory.  I know right…Wow.  Didn’t see any stars though.  We were told that several of them venture into the market during the day for lunch.  Sorry Dave Johnston, no picture of me and Penny!!

After the market we went to Beverly Hills, Rodeo Drive, Santa Monica, Marina Del Ray then home.  What a whirlwind day that was.  When the tour ended and we were back at the hotel it was 6:30pm, just enough time for a quick shower then dinner and bed!!

So there we are.  Yes, I can say I have been to LA.  I can also say that I have no need to go there again (unless I am rich enough to have someone drive me from place to place. Ha Ha.   Everyone should go there at least once though.  

I will add a Gallery tomorrow of the pictures, there are so many.  We saw so many famous points and took pictures of them.  That’s it for now, have fun….


The Movie Reviewer

What else could I possibly do while on this journey?  Turns out plenty.  I am learning that you can not always go out and do/see stuff everyday when you are away for six months.  Way too costly, not just gas or food but tickets etc.

When we are stationary like now for two, three months you sometimes just have to sit around and do nothing!  (It’s part of the rulebook for retired folks)  I love my computer as I am running this blog and a few websites but that’s no fully enough.  I also love entertainment (Movies/Tv) so in my down time I have been catching up on my collection.  That’s when another website idea came to mind, a movie review site.  Sure there are tones out there but a lot of them are biased and politically focused, something I do not like.  This is something else that I could do in my spare time (and believe me there is lots of it).  It’s fun, entertaining and hey, I might be able to get you interested in a film you haven’t seen.

So, in between excursions, fishing, walking, day trips and all my other activities I will now be posting my review on every film I watch.  New or old, funny or stupid you will get my take.  Now don’t worry, they won’t appear here, if you like the thought of reading what I think, head over to the MOVIE SITE and check it out.

Thought of the Day

From Colleen’s thoughts;

The terrible thoughts of leaving the warmth and awesome new friends are upon us. Beginning of February now and we will be leaving Southern Mesa RV Park in Yuma, Arizona at the end of February. We will allow the month of March to start our journey back to Canada. I want to wake up to water views and Kevin can spend some more time fishing before we enter Canada.
Still don’t know the path we will take just a little worried about all the snow BC has and going through the mountains. I know Kevin isn’t as worried as I am because he is a professional truck driver with many years experience. I really don’t want to see snow in our travels – that is why we left!!!
I have loved this brand new adventure. More good times than bad times for sure. We have visited some very awesome places and seen some pretty amazing things.
I truly feel blessed.
We will need to start jobs to earn money to do this again next winter. Who knows where we will be next winter! Sure hope to see some of our new friends again next year in our travels. I like Yuma, Arizona.
We have new adventures to look forward to in Canada and people to give lots of hugs to again. I really miss family that is far away from us in various places of the world!
We will continue our journey and share along the way.
Feeling very blessed….. Colleen