New Trailer – Done !!!

Things are progressing at a rapid rate now towards our full timing goal.  Today we picked up our new home, a 2011 Cougar 327RES.  This is the third major step we have accomplished towards our goal.  We upgraded to a 2500 Heavy Duty, We have sold our sticks and bricks home and we now have our new trailer.

The next task, daunting as it may be is to downsize a house full of stuff that will fit into the Cougar.  We have exactly two months left before the house closes to accomplish this mammoth task!


That being said, it’s gonna be fun.  Our countdown clock to full time is rapidly running down to zero.  For those who live close by, there will be a gigantic yard sale very soon LOL.

Next Step, Sell House – Check!

Well, the adventure moves even further to reality now.  Our next step into going Full Time is complete, our sticks and bricks have sold!  This would have to be one of the harder stages of the journey, emotionally.  We have raised children here, enjoyed grandchildren here, grown together as a family here etc…

I loved the house and the memories that go with it but now we turn our attention towards the future and the sites and memories we will soon have.    So what is our next step… downsizing!!  Although we have already begun getting rid of stuff we now will need to get into high gear on this and make decisions on what we really need to keep.

There will be more ups and downs as we continue with this I am sure.  As of today though we have made the full commitment, no turning back!!  I will soon update our main website : for those who wish to follow our journey.  On to the next step …  talk soon.